17 July, 2009

This is 3rd Batch.

3rd Batch till 30th of July.
Pre order only.

Price list is on your right , models that without degree is also on your right.
contact me for orders.
Angel Colour
Magic Colour
Nudy Quater
3-tone lens
Tearful Circle
Fresh Colour
Magic Circle

Crazy Lens
Animation lens

09 July, 2009

E-thingz is selling One Second Hand IPhone 8GB 3G. with Maxis 9 months warranty . Message me if interested. Price can be discuss . 

New Set.

Original Nokia (1 year warranty) (AVAXX)


Ap Nokia / Sony  ( 1 year 6months Warranty) (ASPEN)

message me the models. I'll tell you the price. 

23 June, 2009

Geo Cosmestic Lens Pre Order List. SECOND BATCH

Geo Lens Price List for All Model.

END DATE 30th JUNE 2009

RM 33 each , 5 pairs above RM 30.
- Conventional Lens 
-Image Lens
-Angel Series
-Nudy Series
-2 Tone Series
-Fresh Color Series
-Magic Circle

RM 38 each.  5 pairs above 35.
    - 3 Tone Series 
- Twin Series
- Wing Series
-Tearful Circle.

Rm40 each . 5 pairs above RM 38.
-Trend lens.
- T Eye

RM 45 each . 5 pairs Rm 40.
- Crazy Lens 
- Animation Lens.

16 June, 2009

First Batch

First Batch Arrived
Delivered Out.
left some of them :)

Anyone is intersted to become a dealer? wholesaler price given :)

A Dealer must get at least 15 pairs. the more you get the cheaper u get .

Whats Now?

12 May, 2009

Second Handphone SE W850i

Second Hand SE W850i for sale
Colour : White

Memory Card : 2gb
Condition : Brand New Housing
Owner is giving Half Year Warranty.
and the phone is Only RM 480 now.
my comment for this phone is
provided good music because this phone contains Mega Bass
which is Only Some Walkman Phone provided this Mega Bass.
Example : w900 , w980

05 May, 2009



02 May, 2009

Geo Lens

1-4 pair
RM 30 per pair
Above 5 pair
RM 26 per pair
Model not include is
T-731 (RM 35)
T-732 (RM 35)
Animation Lens (RM 38)
Crazy Lens (RM 38)
Toric Lens Colour (RM 130)
Toric Lens without Colour (RM 90)
Please be advised the following models are available only with Plano(0.00 degree) lenses.
CH 621
CH 623
CH 932
CK 501
CK 502
CK 503
CK 504
CK 505
CM 721
CM 722
CM 723
CM 724
CM 725
CTS 101
CTS 102
YH 301
YH 302
YH 303
YH 304
YH 305
YH 306
this batch closing this Monday 4th May 2009.
remember ,
once the closing date ,
please wait ur stock to be arrived around 2-4weeks
shipping take times from Korea , SORRY =)