17 July, 2009

This is 3rd Batch.

3rd Batch till 30th of July.
Pre order only.

Price list is on your right , models that without degree is also on your right.
contact me for orders.
Angel Colour
Magic Colour
Nudy Quater
3-tone lens
Tearful Circle
Fresh Colour
Magic Circle

Crazy Lens
Animation lens

09 July, 2009

E-thingz is selling One Second Hand IPhone 8GB 3G. with Maxis 9 months warranty . Message me if interested. Price can be discuss . 

New Set.

Original Nokia (1 year warranty) (AVAXX)


Ap Nokia / Sony  ( 1 year 6months Warranty) (ASPEN)

message me the models. I'll tell you the price.